Many of us “baby seniors” have been spending the last few years dealing with the care of our parents and, though it is teaching us a lot about aging, many of us are determined not to go down the same road as our parents.

We are increasingly aware that we are living longer and, as a result, becoming a huge demographic. The present model of housing us in expensive senior institutions is not only unappealing but also an unfair drain on the resources of both the society and our families..

Radical Resthomes is a different kind of housing model that we hope to create over the next 20 years.  Places where we manage our own lifestyle and activities.  Places where professionals are not around 24/7, but called in when necessary. Places where we live with others, not alone waiting for the end.  Places which are part of the community – not senior ghettos set apart from the world.

People in Radical Resthomes will be constantly defining and re-defining what it means to “age” and remain part of the community around them.