At the moment, Radical Resthomes consists of two volunteers and a lot of supporters. We are just operating in Quebec, although we are in touch with places across the country and the US. We plan to become national in scope and participate in setting up a network of groups and organizations doing the same work as we are.

Our main activity, at the moment, is offering people interested in these ideas a place to discuss, debate and clarify what type of self-directed housing model fits their lifestyle. As we always point out:  “Most of us know what we don’t want… but what we do want is pretty fuzzy.”

Our workshops have welcomed over 200 participants. Within the context of a small group, young seniors can consider many alternatives, listen to other opinions besides their own and look at some hard realities – being ill, not having enough money, family scattered across the country, to name a few. By the end, they can finally imagine some creative solutions.

We also attend conferences, give speeches, talk to and support others doing the same type of work.  We go on radio, TV and sit down with journalists jotting our ideas into their notebooks.

We do whatever we can to “spread the word.”