Making the Most of Longer Lives

Take a deep breath and imagine living into your “100’s”:
Story here.

oak bay city councilor

Story here.

A bright light in a world dominated by developers looking for cash profits.
Story here.

A Vision for Future Care Homes

Not everyone will want to live in a “radical rest home,”  but do we really want everything in one building?  What’s wrong with going outside?
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Retiring With Too Much Stuff

There’s the torment of downsizing… and then there’s the question of where to send the unwanted “stuff”.
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Joys of Living to 100

I know many of us have a hard time accepting how old we are, but take a risk and imagine living to or past 100…
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Getting Married at 98

Looking for aging role models? Here’s a good one!…

Care Homes of the Future

Some good reflections in this article on care-taking, which can be taken out of the institutional setting and integrated into our own self-directed models.…

Great article about caregiving challenges and Radical Resthomes is quoted!…

An initiative in Halifax is keeping us current on good physical health ideas!…

Another version of Golden Girls – or home sharing:…