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    I live with a senior and have found sparse resources available to support my own learning curve over the years as they have aged. I attended a class and have read tons of articles about “Caring for your aging parents”, but so much of the curriculum is only applicable for heavy day to day care (after a stroke, handling dementia, medical care, severe mobility issues, etc.).

    What I’ve had a more difficult time finding, is how to best support the mid-senior years. Mostly physically able bodied, fully cognitively capable and alert, but have needs that are creeping in, slowly and steadily increasing with time — in was that make them uncomfortable and even fearful. I would love to see resources that can help ensure those of us within multi-generational non-familial housing situations, are the best support we can be without infringing upon their psychological independence and self autonomy.

    At what point do I need to be insistent about adding a handrail to the bathtub? How concerned should I be if they are occasionally forgetting medications? What are some tips for approaching these conversations without triggering fears and insecurities about aging?

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