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    Helene Fagan

    Golden Girls as a television show was wonderful; it made us all want that close relationship with caring friends that could be depended upon 24/7.
    However like most romanticized situations they can be more fantasy than reality.
    People, women in particular, have an inherent need for a nest, a nest that is hers and hers alone. When that nest is shared on a constant basis, conflict arises. The rosiness of the fantasy is soon outweighed by need to have her own space.
    I say women because men in general do not have this need but rather want companionship, perhaps needing to replace the the closeness they once had with a spouse that has passed away.
    I especially appreciate the new approach to housing for seniors where they have their own space while sharing certain activities, i.e. some special meals, events etc. while being there for one another as the need arises. Many co-housing examples have successfully accomplished that especially those where each individual starts with an actual house or apartment of her/his own.
    As neighbors begin to notice changes in that individual, health changes that may requite assistance, they can start to suggest that such help be sent to help in a specific area where it is needed.. That way the senior in questions is remaining in his\her own space with their own independence continuing for all long as possible while receiving the specific assistance they require from outside. This appeals as it avoids the dreaded group residential living that was once the only choice one had as soon as any kind of assistance became apparent.
    Well at least that’s what i would like.

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