Getting Married at 98

Looking for aging role models? Here’s a good one!

Care Homes of the Future

Some good reflections in this article on care-taking, which can be taken out of the institutional setting and integrated into our own self-directed models.

An initiative in Halifax is keeping us current on good physical health ideas!

Another version of Golden Girls – or home sharing:

Vote for a Radical Resthomes Documentary!

Catbird Productions and filmmaker Helene Klodawsky have created a 5 minute web-doc about Radical Resthomes as part of a Telus web series on Caregiving. The Radical Resthomes doc is called CARE REBELS and is one of 10 such docs vying for funding to make a series of 6 episodes.

Telus is asking viewers to watch and vote for their favorites and this information will help decide who gets funding.  As a matter of fact, unlike political elections, you can vote once per day – make it part of your daily routine!  Voting starts today and continues until May 19th. You can vote HERE!

 Share it with anyone you know and get them voting as well.  We’re looking to go viral!!

Older Ladies by Donnalou Stevens

Who says seniors aren’t creative and looking at a different side of everything?

The developers are getting the multi-generational message!

Watch Janet Torge on CTV, promoting her upcoming talk about Radical Resthomes in Montreal!

See?  Even Landscape Architects are recognizing what the new generation of seniors want.

For some, the battle to create alternative housing is harder than for others.