On Wed, January 25th, PBS is running a documentary, ALZHEIMER’S: EVERY MINUTE COUNTS. The organization Changing Aging is rightly upset about the message in this documentary which, incidentally, does not speak to anyone actually living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. You can hear what other people say about the disease, including many who have it, on their website.

Looks like we have more in common with the “young’uns” than we might have thought!

Comic on Aging

This cartoon hits an aspect of aging “nail on the head”.

A sister-group in Toronto, the Baba Yagas, are featured in an article in the February edition of Canadian Living.

Radical Resthomer Joe Botems sent in this article, wondering how cool it would be to create a cluster of tiny houses around some common space. If the dream is appealing, Gabriel Parent-Leblanc is the guy to contact.