Let’s Talk Sex and Aging


My peers invariably cringe at my interest in adult sexuality. Discussions of the matter are almost always met with expressions of disgust (“Ew, stop!”), light character defamation (“You’re twisted.”), or a swift change in conversation.

‘Why we Bought a House and Moved in Together’

image from the guardian of three white women standing on the lawn of a new home

Many of us have talked about buying a big old house and moving in with our friends.  Here’s some friends who did it!

After seven years of living on her own, Andrea Hargreaves has moved in with two friends at the same stage in life. Each woman sold her home and sunk her savings into a new one big enough for communal living. But what did their families say?


From the Globe and Mail:

Carol Buss, seen outside her Cabbagetown home on May 10, says she finds it baffling more working adults aren’t driven to share a dwelling given the city’s steep living costs


There have been many examples of putting children and the elderly together, but this example looks like one of the best. Ohio State University has blended an adult day center with a preschool, creating a neighbourhood community center.


Disrupting Dementia:  There’s some innovative thinking going on about how to deal with dementia.  It’s still a lousy diagnosis, but ideas about how to handle it are becoming more humane.