This is a conversation

CBC Sunday Morning  just re-ran the Baba Yaga story and my editorial on Radical Resthomes, so welcome to everyone who ends up here for the first time.

I’m a new blogger, so patience is needed by all who visit.  This is a blog, it’s a conversation, it’s a match-making site.  And I’m a novice at everything but the conversation part,

Some advice: Move all over the site.  I have tried to organize it so you can find discussions or locations easily, but often people don’t get my brand of organizing and end up somewhere else.  So move around and add comments to those who say something you like.

I will get comments posted quickly – delay of 24 hours, 48 hours tops, if family’s in from out of town.

If you are looking to hook up with similar minded people in your area, add your email address to your comment.  It’s not a phone call and you can just not reply if you feel uneasy.  But we need to find each other, so make yourself available if you are serious about creating a new living situation.

I will post articles and my own comments from time to time.

Let’s get this thing going… again!  Janet