April 2013

Well, it looks like we have a little movement on our hands…

This Blog is a follow up to the discussion started as a result of the Sunday Edition presentation about the Baba Yaga House in Paris, broadcast on March 17th, 2013. It will hopefully create a new way of living out our aging lives with some grace and excitement.  Yes, I said “Excitement”.  We can slow down, be more concerned about our health, quit those stressful jobs we carried on our backs for so long…. but that doesn’t mean life can’t be exciting.

I encourage everyone to speak their mind here.  We will have a General Discussion for any and all ideas.  And we will have Regional Connections, where like-minded people can find each other and maybe put their own Radical Resthome together.

As the chief bottle washer of the site, I will try and bring out good ideas to everyone and point us all in the direction of interesting endeavors and new resources.  I’m new at this, so if I’m missing something or you have an idea to make the site work better, please contact me at janet@torgeahead.com.

Let’s see where it all leads us!